Orpheus Street

Orpheus Street is my title for a personal process that's about discovering and recovering creativity and agency. There will be quite a few manifestations of it with my company Dirty Market, but part of what I want to do is set up a development group for early career actors / artists, so folk can find ways to identify, develop and make their own unique, original work, establish small working groups, and discover and develop their own creative agency...



I know there can be a strange feeling after graduation, which can be confusing and last some time (especially in 2020!). I would like to respond to that by offering time, space, insight and guidance for you to reignite and continue your development as unique and exciting actors and artists. Strengthening our own Creative Agency is not (just) about shooting zoom monologues into the void, but discovering the personal and collective strengths we do have, planting seeds and growing something (I don't know what it will be yet:)) from that.. It would be fantastic if some original work emerged from this movement, or some creative groups formed, but if its only outcome is to help us all feel joyful, inspired and hopeful, then that is also a win!



The actual development process/technique is something we have begun to develop with Dirty Market which we're calling Creative Composting ... in other words, stuff that would normally get thrown away may be useful creative material when treated in a certain way..  Mixing unusual elements together through particular exercises can create fertile ground to grow new and original work. The good, enriching stuff takes time to form and is doing its transformative work underground ... There'll be a blog post on it soon!


Orpheus Street

Orpheus Street is not about me or anyone else telling participants what to do...  This is a place for group members to develop their own original voice, personal work (play / film / adaptation / blog / script / book / political movement / teaching / consciousness raising group/ etc.), develop technique, support work, use me as a sounding board, maybe sometimes working in small groups and committing to some creative development tasks - with mini scratch-sharings built in.